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Hello browneyed-babe

Thankyou for your comforting thoughts. I am sorry to hear about your loss. It is exciting getting pregnant and just when you have nearly made it past the danger zone, you get a hiccup, and you have to try all over again. It's like a tease isn't it! You are wise to wait until you are ready, its all part of the grieving process I guess. I know a couple of months ago I held a friends newborn in my arms and I was so overwhelmed by him that I really had to fight back the tears. I dont know about you, but it certainly has made me more determined. You are right I place too much emphasis on other peoples expectations that sometimes I forget about mine.
I too look at mums in there early 20's and think when I was there age I used to think babies were martians, and I was 'living it up'. I wasn't clucky about having children until I was in my mid thirties, and after having my little girl.

You are right when you have lived life to the max, and exhausted all of lifes possibilites when it comes time to get pregnant you dont say any more I should've done that first. That is the beauty of having children at a later stage.;)

Good luck trying to get pregnant!
Bye for now Jewell 1:angel:

I wouldn't worry what other people think.
You are blessed to have your little girl. There are many women out there that just have one child and there is nothing wrong with that at all.
I am 37 yrs old and got pregnant for the first time (never tried before) after 4 months of trying. We lost it at 10 weeks - a blighted ovum. It has been 3.5 months since my d&c and I am not trying again until my body is ready. I have many people ask me if I have children and I just tell them no - that's all the explanation they need. I know I should have had mine years ago but I didn't want them in my 20's as I wanted to live my life first (and there is nothing selfish about that) and in my early 30's I had an overactive thyroid which didn't correct itself until last summer -we started shortly after getting the go ahead. So, here I am in my late 30's trying for my first and probably only child when alot of women 20 years younger are having their first.

I don't feel bad about being my age and trying, sometimes it is other people that make me feel that way. When it comes down to it it is my family and my life and not really their concern as we will be secure, settled, and much more ready for a baby at this time in our lives.

Never mind the immature women who are trying to make you feel bad. Don't let other people run your life. You have nothing to feel bad about. There are lots of women out their just starting their families late in life and the numbers keep rising.

I am sorry you had to go through the miscarriage, etc. it is an awful experience and it really rieks havoc on the self esteem but you have to keep in mind that miscarriage happens at any age - I know several women who had them in their 20's.

Keep your chin up and hang in there.[/QUOTE]

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