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Hi Carolyn.. Its a tradgey with whats happend. Its always so sad to hear about stuff like this. i've had 3 miscarriages. 2 healthy girls in between so 5 preg in all. I also lost my baby 8 weeks into my preg' but never realised till i had a 11 wk scan to check 4 birth defects. So it was a total shock to my hubby and I when we were told the baby had died 3 weeks earlier, had no idea. cause i still had morning sickness. I Also had a D & C and was told to try after 1 period. We tried again , and had our healthy 2nd girl. With a clean out yr more likley to concieve straight away. Yes i remember the toilet trips always praying not to find any spotting on the tissue paper.. This board is a great way to deal with any concerns i know sometimes its hard to talk to people you know, without worrying them. Good luck to both you and hubby.

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