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Hey Pooger, it's Molly. I haven't been on the boards since the end of May. I saw your post and had to read it!
I'm sorry your body is having such a tough time getting back on track. If I were you, I'd go back to the ob/gyn. Trust me, I know how much you want to avoid that office right now, but going will probably help you get pregnant faster. The suggestion about your thyroid was an excellent one, as that has been a problem for me in the past also!
I had weird bleeding too after my m/c on 4/20. After the d&e, the doctor said everything had gone as well as could be expected and that I would only bleed for a week, maybe 2. And when it continued past that, I just wanted to wait it out - I couldn't face going back to that damn office. Well, 7 weeks after the m/c, I started having little contractions and became very concerned obviously. Called the office, they referred me to the ER (it was Friday, the office had NO hours, nice, huh?). The had one doc on call and she never came down to see me in the ER - I was there for 12 hours. Turns out I had been retaining fetal tissue which I had passed at home the day I went to the ER. Don't worry, I spooned that mass out of the toilet and bagged it! They sent it to pathology and confirmed it was from the baby.
I bled for another 5 days, bright and heavy and then it was all over. I got my period back 28 days later, right on target! And by the way, they do have ultrasound pics of my baby on file at the hospital. I found that out during my stay in the ER when they took me up for an ultrasound to make sure my uterus was finally empty. So that was the silver lining in the cloud. I can still get pictures of her which for me, meant everything.
I hope emotionally you are feeling better. It's really hard to move past this type of loss when you have to deal with irregular bleeding. Get yourself seen asap by the ob, ok? Cycling normally/abnormally is an excellent indicator that something is off with our body. Definitely get your thyroid checked. Take care of yourself and I hope to run into you on the boards again. Let us know when you make that appt!

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