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Ok... as some of you may know, I went into the hospital on July 8th because I was concerned I was having a miscarriage. Well, they did a blood test and my HCG levels were only at 331 (suppose to be 5 weeks pregnant). I went in on July 10th for another HCG test and the test went down to 211. I assumed that I was for sure having a miscarriage. I started bleeding some, not severe - but enough to require a tampon. That lasted about 2 days and then went back to light brown spotting. So, I went out a few times and had a drink or two with friends, etc. I went in on July 10th for a follow up HCG and my levels were back up to 418. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? Could I have gotten pregnant AGAIN??? Or does it mean it's a tubal pregnancy? I have an u/s scheduled for Monday the 23rd at 4:30 and they are going to see if they can see anything growing outside the uterus.

HELP! I'm freaking out. I've been extremely tired the last 2 days and I've got a horrible headache today. This is what happened last time before I found out I was pregnant.

Any advice?

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