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Like i said before..... i do hope it's not painful for you! I'm not really sure what you'll see at that early stage of pregnancy, but with mine, she looked like a fully formed baby..... just smaller! 10 fingers, 10 toes :angel:

Being so early on, i don't know if you'll really be able to make yours out in amongst everything else that you may pass, but maybe you will..... i can't say! For some reason i had absolutely no pain with my miscarriage.... not even when i passed my baby, which i found strange, but i was booked in for my D&C quite rapidly once my OB had confirmed i was miscarrying & had only been spotting lightly up until my D&C, so perhaps the pain starts when your stomach starts contracting & everything is passed naturally.... clots etc, because that would explain why i bypassed that then..... cos i had my D&C before it set in maybe :confused:

Well all the best to you.... whatever may come & definately keep in touch & let us know how you're getting on! Just be prepared for anything & don't have any expectations...... that way you'll pull through fine!

You are in my thoughts, Crystal xoxoxox

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