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Almac..... i am sooo sorry to hear of your loss :(

I miscarried in December 06 when i was 17 weeks pregnant! My baby had actually died, unbeknown to me..... between 12 & 13 weeks, but the first i knew of it was when my waters broke during the early hours of the morning (i didn't know at the time that it was my waters..... thought i'd just had an accident form the baby putting pressure on my bladder), & then i started spotting lightly.

I went into the maternity ward where my OB was called in to scan me & confirmed that my baby had no heartbeat & looked smaller than 17 weeks. I was then scheduled for a D&C at another hospital about an hours drive from home & had the D&C performed at midnight that night! However on arrival at this hospital, i actually passed my baby naturally in my underwear (sorry if TMI), so the D&C was preformed to remove the other POC.

Passing my baby naturally was not painful for me, as she was only measuring the size of a 13 week old baby & the D&C was also kind to me! All i had was very very mild cramping a couple of hours after the operation & was given some painkillers & a warm wheat pack for my lower tummy & that helped a lot.

How far along were you when you realised something wasn't right..... & how far were you when your miscarriage was confirmed? I can't say that your miscarriage won't be painful, because i know everyone is different, however i do hope that it treats you kind.

After my D&C, i went about my business as usual & started work again a couple of days later to get my mind of things (otherwise i would have sent myself into a bout of depression if i was just home alone thinking about it all day long), so that helped & i had no physical discomforts afterwards.

I posted a lot on the miscarriage board after my miscarriage & also on the "mummy's after miscarriage" thread on this board, so if you would like to read my experience in more depth..... feel free to search my posts & read through them, because i know from experience that it definately helps to know that we are not alone during these hard times. They're very in depth & i've only touched on my experience in this reply, so there's definately parts i've missed out in my reply to you!

You are in my thoughts & remember we are here whenever you need us!

Crystal xoxoxox

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