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I has been a rough month for me... wow. LMP was april 30, didn't ovulate until the first week of june when my period was due. Got my BFP on June 25th. Nurses said I was further along then I knew I was.. so the dr ordered an u/s. The u/s determined I was 5-6 weeks but they couldnt see anything so he couldn't determine a viable pregnancy... (this was outpatience dr btw, mine was on vacation).

My doctor just got back on Tuesday and they booked me in right away because they got a fax saying I needed another u/s asap. I went to my appt on tuesday and she ordered bloodwork and another u/s.

Well I woke in the morning and I was spotting. I took my son to have his needles and then I was flowing. I went to outpatience and after 8hours, blood work, an internal, and an u/s they confirmed I had a miscarriage. I was asked to come back in 48hours to have another u/s and bloodtest to confirm. After which they will do a D&C or give me meds to pass it... if I didn't pass it on my own before then.

I'm a little bit freaking out.. I dont know what to expect. The bleeding is worse today and I've never been through this so I dont know what to expect.. I think I passed some tissue today.. I was having a pee and heard a *plunk* in the toilette :confused: Also, Im supposed to be 8weeks right now but I'm wondering if the embryo is only 5-6weeks since they couldnt determine a viable pregnancy 2 weeks ago? My hcg levels were in the 500's (where they should have been in the 5-7,000). If so.. what do I expect if it passes on its own?

If it didn't pass on its own does anyone have experience with a D&C ? Im so scared to be put under :( Does it hurt? How long does it take? Has anyone recieved the meds to pass it on its own? What happens there?

Another thing.. I got a call from my family doctor today, they recieved the faxes from my tests done yesterday. My doctor was freaking out about the outpatience doctor letting me go? She thought they should have kept me. So she wants me to go down to her office today a.s.a.p.

ooooooh scared

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