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[QUOTE=Kellymen;3119047]I am wondering how long your doctor wants you to wait to ttc after being diagnosed with partial molar. After your 3 consecutive weekly 0's, how long were you advised to wait to ttc?

I was diagnosed with partial molar and had D&C on June 20th, and am so anxious to start trying again! My Hcg is down to 30 and I got my period today. I know I'm nowhere near being able to try to conceive again, but I just wanted to know what type of direction others with this diagnosis received.[/QUOTE]
hi there,
sorry to learn of your loss. when i had a prtial molar back in jan 07, i was told by my ob to wait 6 months AFTER my blood levels were back to normal. that would have taken me to late august. since this was my 2nd m/c, (only 1 diagnosed as a partial molar) i decided to see a reproductive endocrinologist. when i told him that my ob told me to wait, he said he would not have had me wait 6 months. 5 months later (after all normal blood test results) to the day of my d&e, i was pregnant. i have read everything on molars. all articles say wait 6mos to 1 year. i decided to leave my ob practice & trust the specialist. good luck to you!!

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