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Hi Donna,
While I've not had to deal with low progesterone, I just read an interesting article in a magazine that I get talking about the exact same thing you posted about here. All you need is a simple blood test - progesterone injections can actually stop a miscarriage in progress if in fact, your levels are not high enough (and the baby is still alive of course). Between 6-10 weeks the placenta takes over progesterone production from the corpus luteum, which disintegrates. But sometimes the placenta takes a while to get going and so levels can drop off, causing miscarriage.
The woman I read about in the article sounded similar like you - she had already had 3 healthy pregnancies (no pre-term labor though) before she started with all the problems.
Please update your post after your test to let me know how you make out. If progesterone is the problem, then you can be easily treated and you can have more healthy babies! Best of luck to you!

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