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Hiya, myself 28 yr old with no children yet..was pregnant with my first child, but ended up with a spontaneous missed abortion at 6 wks and had a D&C on April 19th of this yr. i was told i can try to get pregnant after having 2 periods. My postabortion period was on May 16, which was quite heavy and lasted for 5 days and on June 12, which was an average flow and lasted for 3 days, which was normal for me. So, I and my partner were ttc from June 25 onwards. On July 11, i began to have severe low abdominal cramps which made double over and the following day i started to notice something like period along with severe cramps which only lasted for a day and required just a single pad. Everything was fine until i started to pee frequently, get unusually hungry, and had all of a sudden gained some weight from nowhere, which made me doubt i mite be pregnant..i started noticing a sudden fullness or bloating in my stomach and felt dizzy too ending up taking naps during the day. as all these symptoms continued, i started noticing sudden red skin changes on the abdomen on the left and right upper quadrants. they were oval shaped. and i started feeling some stretching pain in my lower abdomen was too painful for me to even wear my panty..i felt as if my uterus has grown large all of a sudden. and I even started noticing numbness in my palms when i used to wake up from sleeping and also when i used to talk over the phone holding the telephone receiver in my hand, which is very strange to me. On Aug 10th, i started again to get those severe cramps and the following day started to bleed very light again this time requiring just a single pad like last month, but wat was of significance was that i passed something like a "whole liver of a chicken"(this is the best i can describe it, please dont mind) in the toilet bowl. Now, I'm all confused about what this could mean or what this could be.. My doubt is was I pregnant or still pregnant? was it a normal thing after abortion? is there anything serious or of concern? or is it that i could hav miscarried? I know its a long post with too many questions, and i dont know if i have really made my question clear enough for you guyz, but any answer from you would be appreciated. Thnx in advance.

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