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I just turned 60 this summer. I had 3 miscarriages...and lost a full term little boy before having 2 successful pregnancies. My daughter is now 29 and my son is 25...but I do think of these pregnancies once in a while.

No one can know exactly what to expect for any of us who have shared this loss. I was surprised that the early-on miscarriages made almost as much of an effect on me as the full term loss...some of this attributed to change in our hormones I would suspect.

I remember friends and family saying..."why Pam...why should this happen to her?" My feeling never was "Why me?". The pain is not something I'd EVER wish on anyone else.

The loss will get easier to bear...don't feel bad if your pain lingers...that was a little LIFE...and a part of YOU. Sending you all positive thoughts......Pam;)

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