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I posted earlier but did not get much of a response. I was told at 10 weeks I would miscarry. I was told after ultra sound I was only measuring 6 weeks and no heart beat? (I swear the tech told the doc a low numbered heart beat?? I cannot be sure, I was in such shock I didn't really listen very well. I just wanted out of there.) The sac measured 8 weeks.

I am almost 11 weeks now. My doctor said I would have a heavy period in the next fes weeks. My questions are:

It has been almost 5 weeks since the pregnancy stopped, shouldn't I start bleeding, cramping SOMETHING??? I have NO SYMPTOMS YET??

My doctor did not mention a d & c. How long do I wait before suggesting one??

I do not even know my blood type. My sister is pregnant and going through the whole RH neg thing. She is telling me to make sure I am not Negative!!

I guess I am just very confused. I am still trying to get over this and do not like waiting............. It is bad enough to know you have lost you pregnancy, waiting to pass it is awfull!!!!! Please help with some advise or similar experiences.

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