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I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know how devastated you feel now. Your doctor would have told you right away if your rh- but you could ask just in case seeing your sis is. If you are negative and so is your husband you have no worries. If you are negative and he is positive you must have a rhogam shot which is vital for you to be able to have a healthy baby the next time. I am negative but things happened a little fast from the moment I found out and my dh was not tested so I had the shot before my m/c started.

As far as your doc saying it is like a heavy period, that couldn't be farther from the truth (my opinion). Let me guess, your doc is a male - what do they know about this? That is what I was told too. I was given the choice of a d&c or wait to pass on its own but I was only given the weekend and the Thurs before to miscarry (4 days) and if it didn't happen was told I had to have d&c for fear of infection.
I was in denial about my loss and very afraid of anaesthesia so opted for the natural miscarriage. I started my miscarriage that weekend - full swing by the Sat. night -it started as period cramps but changed dramatically to severe cramping and back labor- ended up in emergency the next afternoon, was admitted, severe pain, tons of bleeding (that they considered normal), passed the sac Sunday evening, u/s Monday, still had products left in upper uterus, ended up with d&c anyways. So I went through both.

Having the miscarriage naturally was traumatic to me and I wish I opted for the d&c right away. It was pretty much labor without the happy ending. I recommend the d&c to anyone faced with this decision. Please ask about this option, I am amazed it was not given as a choice to you it usually is. It was first choice from my o/b.

Take care, I hope all goes well for you.

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