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I was meant to get married next year on the 12th of January, to the man I know is my soul mate. At the end June 07 we found out that I was pregnant :) so we decided to bring the wedding forward to the 11th August 07. It was such a confusing time as I already have a 15 yo son and about the same time as I got pregnant he decided that he could not live at home in our new family and had ran away. So all at the same time I was dealing with my son running away, organising a wedding in 31 days and having a baby on the way. My partner had never wanted to get married or have kids, and I had learned to live with the fact that I was and always would be a Single Mum, but things changed when we found eachother.

Things were hetic but knowing that this baby was on the way, made it all worth while you should have seen how happy my partner was at the thought of becoming a DAD even my son was excited that finally he was going to be a BIG BROTHER.

Unfortunatly 3 days before the Wedding I started to misscarry :angel: i was about 9 weeks. So on one of the best days of my life MY WEDDING DAY I was misscarring our first child. The day was great and I am now a Mrs not a Miss. I love my husband and I know he loves me, but I feel that because of the wedding I did not allow myself to fully accept loosing the baby.

I did not experience any pain or heavy bleeding or clots, I bleed for about 2 weeks and then it just stopped. It just dont seem right that a life could be lost with nothing out of the ordinary to mark it. My doctor is confidant that it was a full miscarriage and assured me that sometimes that is how a misscarriage happens but I still feel lost and inadequate.

To top it all off my new husband and I have only consumated our marriage once. He says he wants to not risk me getting pregnant again before I have at least one cycle like the Dr said. I feel that I am not attractive to him or maybe he has changed his mind about being a dad. I dont know who to talk to I think about the baby everyday I feel guilty about wanting to get pregnant again as soon as possible and I am afraid that now that I want another baby so badly it wont happen especially if we dont start practicing. I am so confused and feel so alone.

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