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I am at eight weeks pregnant. I have had many ultrasounds already because we were seeing an infertility specialist. It appeared that the embryo stopped developing around six weeks, though my gestational sac is still getting bigger. When I went in this past Tuesday, the sac is measuring correctly and the embryo had a little growth but still no heartbeat. I know at this point, you should get a heartbeat for a viable pregnancy. The thing I don't understand is, the sac getting bigger, I still feel pregnant and my HCG levels are still rising. My nausea has gotten worse this week. I even had a migraine yesterday, which is exactly how I did with my DD when I was pregnant with her at eight weeks.

I am worried about a molar pregnancy because of the rising HCG levels and the no heartbeat at eight weeks. The ultrasound tech said it does not look like a molar pregnancy but I am wondering if it is too soon to tell.

I had two small episodes of spotting and had some cramping but now nothing. What do you all think? Is my body just taking a while to realize this isn't a viable pregnancy? Is there anyway possible that it could become viable and we get a heartbeat next Tuesday b/c of the way I am feeling and with levels rising instead of decreasing?

What do you all think? Has anyone been through this? I haven't opted for a D & C yet because the doctor told me he did see a little growth, just still no heartbeat. Plus, I am not bleeding at this point. The doctor says we aren't in any kind of hurry, but I am worried that if it is molar, we need to get it out of me sooner than later.

Thanks for any advice.

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