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Help me!!!!
Sep 12, 2007
I have been reading post from many of you today and i see many of you guys that miscarried had to go back to a doctor to get tissue removed from you. This worries me because i had a miscarriage in April I went to the ER about 12midnight because i had took a HPT and knew i was pregnant about a week later i went to the clinic and they confirmed it i was prescribed some prenatal vitamins i was so excited but really not ready for a kid that same two days before that i had started spotting and the doctor me that it was normal in some cases but still it shouldnt happen. so after arriving in the ER about 12m my boyfriend convinced me to go they were asking me was it heavy or light and like a normal period it wasnt really but i was still worried. No clots had passed through. After waiting and waiting when i went to the bathroom there was one big clot, i didnt even feel it. another hour went past before i was seen going to the bathroom clots passed but nothing really huge. I still wasnt bleeding heavy. i was there overnight and about 7 am i had an U/S and they told me i did miscarry and that there were still a few clots left but it would past through. I was bleeding about 9 days after that like a normal period not even that heavy. clots passed I never went back for a check up but i feel fine and im back to having periods. I seem normal. But im confused because two people i know that had miscarriages said they bled for so long and it was sooo much. Can any of you guys think of a reason for me not bleeding heavy at all. I had cramps like Hec for two days and it all happened so fast over in three days. Some one tell me what you think. Please Anyone:confused:

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