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My period was nearly 1.5 months late and I took 2 preg tests. The first was neg and the second was a very very faint positive. Then on wednesday sept 12th I noticed a bit of spotting and at first I figured maybe Im not preg and maybe it was the beginning of my period that just happened to be late. I was and still am confused cause I had only some symptons of pregnancy.. And then I thought well I had heard spotting was common in the first bit of pregnancy. The spotting lasted Wednesday and Thursday and then completely stopped.
Then Friday the 14th was horrible. I had very very sharp pains not like cramping at all. Mostly towards my right lower side and I just like exploded in blood (yes TMI) Anyways it was a good thing I was at home at the time. I couldnt leave my bathroom for hours. These large tennis ball gobbery chunks of blood started coming out in the bucket fulls. Then what startled/scared me the most was the tennis ball looking white transparent type sack thingy that plopped out.
The clotting goober things stopped, but its been 4 days and I am still have very very severe pain and extremely heavy bleeding. I have taken a million advil and nothing seems to help the pain..
I have read stuff on ****** about signs of a miscarriage and what it says nearly sums up what happened to me.. I am waiting for my fiance to come home to take me to the ER cause I want to find out if it was a miscarriage and to find out why I am in severe pain..

So before I go rushing to the hospital (I will anyways no matter what)
Do you think I had a miscarriage?

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