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Hi Ladies,
Wondered if someone maybe able to help me out with a few questions i have.
Heres my story,me and hubby have been ttc since March!!! In March I missed two periods,obviously the first thought is that you are pregnant,did tests that were all negative,my period finaly showed up so hubby and i continued to BD as usual,i finall got a BFP!! and was over the moon,my cycles are never regular can range from 35-45 daysso i never know when i ovulate.Anyway i took the test on the Friday and but the following Friday i was bleeding as if my period was a week late.So im guessing at the most i was two weeks,possibly three.We waited a month and i had a pretty normal period admitedly again the cycle was different again.We then started trying again,i tested on day 35 of my cycle and i got a BFN so assumed i was not pregnant,thought i would do one more test on day 37(monday) and i got a BFP!! Did another test yesterday afternoon and it was neg,so started to get worried obviously i was overjoyed,but again by day 41,(last night) i was in excruiating pain and again im bleeding so im guessing i have lost the baby!! Agagin im guessing i was two weeks maybe three at the most!! I seem to be abale to get pregnant,my eges seem to get fertilised which is giving me positive preg tests but then it seems it cant or wont attach????
Im really upset today because i know im now going to have to wait another four to five cycles until we can start again?? Well that is what the doc has said,that will be a year of trying!!! Do i need to wiat that long?? I feel like i want to just carry on,in theroy my period is three days early as my last cycle was 45 days!!! i got a bfp on day 37 and bled day 41!!! so does that mean i still have to wait?I am booked in for a scan on monday morning to check everything is "out" and i am going to be sent to a specialist to rule out any other problems there maybe.
My general life and well being: i dont smoke,rarely drink,i do exercise ALOT which im wondering whether to cut down???? I mean alot!!! I eat pretty well,sleep etc so wondering what i maybe doing wrong?? I have had a total of three misscarriages and each one is gut wrenching!! Any advice would be appreciated.
If you have had 3, you should make sure you get a blood workup done. I was tested after my 2nd and 3rd m/c's. They found that I was positive for 2 copies of the MTHFR gene. I then had to go on to take 1 baby aspirin and 4 mg of folic acid every day to help prevent m/c. You might be lucky and find out that it's as simple as taking an aspirin everyday. I have many friends along with myself, who had several m/c's (some up to 6) and then were put on aspirin or something similar and then were able to have a successful pregnancy. I'm sorry for your losses. I had 1 at 8 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks. They don't get any easier, do they? My thoughts are with you!
Im so very sorry for your loss, it is an awful thing to experience!I agreee with the previous post, im from england and it is now suggested to women who miscarry to take small amounts of asprin too. i have had six MC nad it certainly doesnt get any easier. im now being tested for Hughes syndrome Also known as 'sticky blood' which can cause mc.take care and try to remain positive.
sending you healing thoughts.

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