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Hi daniel: I know how you feel, I lost my baby girl at 24 weeks, it has been almost three months since this happened, and it has not been very easy to deal with everything. And even worse, as soon as I lost my baby girl all of my family started getting pregnant, my two sisters, my two cousins and my best friend; they are everywhere. I have had to distance myself from everyone cause i just can´t bare it (they are so happy with their pregnancy and I didnt have my baby), though I need to face them eventually, they are my family and I love them. I still cry a lot, but I feel that I am getting stronger, I guess just thinking about the future and how I will have more children gives me that strength. Everything is in you, that strength and thinking positiveley about the future is the key. If your doctor says that you can TTC after only two cycles, that is great, time flies! Did you have a micro c-section also? My Doctor told me I had to wait 6 months at least. You give me great news if your doctor told you this, maybe I should get a second opinion.
My prayers are with you.

:angel: Emma Marie B. 7/28/07

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