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Hello All,

I would like to know if the symptoms I've been experiencing could be that I had a miscarriage. I have a long history of mentrual disorders, but this has not yet happened to me before. Could you help me?

Here are the symptoms:

1. From last Wednesday to Saturday: Brown/dark bleeding - not heavy- few small clots. No other symptoms other than abdominal swelling and excessive bloating.
2. Sunday Night, 3am: I feel discomfort in my pelvic region and my lower back. Wakes me out of my sleep and can't find a good lying position.
3. About 4am, I get up to have a tea and I feel blood gushing out of me. When i go to sit on the toilet, very bright red liquid blood is dripping as if i'm peeing and I pass an unusually large blood clot.
5. Between 4 and 7am, I go through excruciating pelvic and lower back pain that worstens everytime I pass a clot (and some relief for a few minutes after the clot has passed). I vomit uncontrollably 3 times. I go through at least 6 night pads and pass over more than a dozen clots in my many trips to the bathroom.
6. Finally, at 7am, I feel like I can swallow something without throwing it up, so I take 2 tylenol 3 pills and smoke a small joint and then off to sleep.
On Monday - Still continue to pass clots and bleed heavily. I find the blood quite thin compared to normal periods and again, it just drips out of me as soon as I sit on the toilet. It never usually does that.

In that episode, betweem 3am-7am that night, I also experienced a lot of dizziness, hot flashes and even ginger tea is not soothing to the nausea or cramping.

My question is, was this a miscarriage? I must say, I normally pass clots during my menstruation, but NEVER that huge and that many. I can say probably a total of 15 tennis ball size clots exited my body since that Sunday night and still today, I have a lot of cramping and bleeding, but haven't seen large clots yet for today.

One more thing I must add is, my last "normal" period I had was in July. Then on August 24, I had some kinda 4 hours period, where I suddenly began to bleed, passed 1 mid size clot and then it stopped. I felt no pain or symptoms. That went away and then over 6 weeks later, I get this. I suspect there must have been conception between my last july period and august.

If this is not a miscarriage, what could be the reason for all the clotting and the excessive bleeding (more excessive than it usually is).

I know this was long, but I would really appreciate all of your help.

Thank you,


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