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When will it happen??? I miscarried at 9 weeks. I had a d&c on 9/17 and began bleeding a few days later. The first week was like a period then after that, it's just been light bleeding. At the end of last week, I would go all day with NOTHING on the pad so I was excited that it was starting to end, then in the evening time, it would start back again. Sometimes when I wipe, it's really bloody then sometimes, there will be nothing. I am just so confused/frustrated. At my 2 week follow up after the d&c, I saw my dr. and he did a pelvic exam and said my uterus was getting the lining back and everything looked normal and just that my uterus was still releasing some left over blood. Just to be safe, he prescribed me an antibiotic to prevent any infections. Last Monday, I took a pregnancy test and it was a very very very very light positive.

Well Monday (tomorrow) will be 6 weeks since I had the d&c. I have officially been bleeding/spotting for 5 weeks straight. I spoke with the nurse last week and she told me this is no reason to be concerned, everyone heals differently, blah blah blah. I'm so frustrated/confused. I want this to end so I can begin TTC again. Around 4am this morning, I woke up with the most terrible, awful AF feeling cramps. I couldn't even sleep and had to take some Tylenol... they hurt!! But of course today, just the same kind of bleeding, nothing different. Am I ok??? Am I ever going to get back to normal?? Could AF be here now and I just don't notice since I've been bleeding the past 5 weeks?? :confused: :( :rolleyes:

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