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So it's been 6 weeks since my d&c.. I've pretty much had light bleeding/spotting since the procedure. Apparently, I have bled into my period. The past 3 nights... I have had TERRIBLE cramps. I've had these cramps before during periods but you know, they last for a few minutes at a time. Well these do NOT go away, hours and hours they last. And it's weird b/c they are only at night... not during the day.

Anyway, anyone else have painful period after d&c?
hello everyone. i was 10 weeks pregnant when i had a miscarriage. the heartbeat of the fetus stopped. i didnt really bleed a lot after D&C. it was more like old blood. its been almost a month since my D&C and i got my periods.they are actually better than before.the bleeding is normal and i am not cramping, which i use to a lot. my doctor also said i should just wait till my 1st period cycle to try to get pregnant again.i am still wondering if we should atleast wait for 2 or 3 period cycles to try again.
also i havent asked my doctor this, can i wear tampons. she told me not to wear tampons after d&c but i never got the chance to ask if i can wear em when i get my first periods after d&c. any suggestions.

sorry pinkelle. my symptoms are totally diff then urs, i wish i could shed some light on it. but i read a lot of forums cause i had no idea what was going on and a lot of women said they had heavy bleedin with cramps.

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