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Re: D&C and advice
Nov 5, 2007
I am sorry for what you are going through. I have been there - having had a natural miscarriage at over 10weeks and then having to do the d&c anyway due to retained products. (this happened the end of March)
Your dh did the right thing - don't be upset with him at all.
I was told I would miscarry before it happened but was given a very short time frame to allow for it to happen naturally and was told if it hadn't then I had to have the d&c. My miscarriage started full swing on a Saturday night with heavy bleeding and back labour and severe cramping. By Sunday afternoon I was crying from the pain. My dh took me to the er - he had had enough - I was admitted as my ob was out of town til Monday. By Sunday night I passed the sac - the nurses checked on me quite a bit as I was bleeding alot. I was offered demerol for the pain but refused it due to it usually causes nausea. They had me use a porta potty to check blood loss - when I passed the sac I heard it and it was unmistakeable. My ob check on me Monday and said I did the right thing coming to the er and was hopeful that I passed everything but another u/s revealed retained products and for fear of infection he decide on a d&c for that evening. It was a long recovery for me.
I can't believe how negligent your doctor is being - another u/s will reveal if u have any retained products - if you do, a d&c is a must because infection could set in - something they should be worrying about as my doctor kept talking about avoiding it. Please see another doctor if this one is doing the proper care. Your health is everything and don't leave it in the hands of an incompetant doctor.

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