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Need a second d&c
Nov 7, 2007
Well I just have the worst luck ever. So, I had a d&c done 7.5 weeks ago (I was 9 weeks pg)Ö and I have been bleeding/spotting ever since! Starting at about week 5, I called the nurse and told her I was still bleeding and she said not to worry, everyone heals differently. Well, last week, I was experiencing some TERRIBLE TERRIBLE cramps and I was having a period type flow so I thought finally, my period is here. Well I went and saw my doctor last week after that bad cramping just to make sure everything is ok. He said it looks like Iíve had a period but the prolonged bleeding/spotting could be due to some left over placenta and if that was the case, then the placenta would just disintegrate. He said if the bleeding continued to this week then I would need to come in for an ultrasound. He also did a blood test (to check my hcg levels), a urine test, and did a pelvic exam and tested whatever you test for there. The nurse just called and all of my tests are negative (which is good) however, I did tell her that Iím still bleeding but it is dark brown and dark brown globs come out so she told me to come in for an ultrasound. I go tomorrow morning. I really just want to cry right now and if I werenít at work, then I would. What if I end up needing another d&c?? That means I have to start allll over again with the healing process and itís just going to set me back even more. Has anyone else ever had to have a second d&c or known someone that has?

One more thing, the nurse on the phone said that tomorrow after the ultrasound, I don't need to stay and see the doctor. I was like well if they find something, then don't I need to see the doctor??? And she said no. Um?????
Something I had read which sounded like your situation. It stated that there are a couple of types of recovery after miscarriage, and one of them sounded like what was happening with you -- that after a break there is bleeding and heavy cramping again and that it's often due to a small piece of placenta or tissue that's left and the body's just realizing that. It said that usually if you pass that on your own, another procedure isn't necessary. But if bleeding continues heavily you should be checked out.

I really hope that you are feeling better and I hope that you can get some answers from your doctor. Any setback is so frustrating, I know. Feel better!
This happened to me a couple of years ago. After my D&C I had very heavy period type bleeding and was passing large gloopy clots. After an ultrasound, where you could clearly see the leftover placenta it was decided to do another D&C. I was passing quite a lot of clots and it is quite scary, I felt very weak too. Never the less, it was all fine in the end. Better out than in. Good luck.
Well just to update, I had my ultrasound done yesterday and the ultrasound tech saw a cyst on my left ovary and blood that appeared to be "stuck."

The doctor reviewed the ultrasound and the nurse called me this morning. She said the doctor didn't seemed alarmed by anything on the ultrasound and was confident that it was any tissue left behing. He prescribed me progesterone to take for 10 days to help "jump start" my cycle and hopefully get all the blood out. She said the bleeding I'm still having will stop while taking the progesterone then when I'm finished taking it, I'll have breakthrough bleeding then a couple weeks after that, AF should come. So fingers crossed this works, I'm so sick of this prolonged recovery.

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