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when will my period be normal again after a dnc? I had my period 30 days after the DNC and now month 2 is here and I'm 6 days late? shouldn't I be back to normal since my first period was? Could I be pregnant?
I recently had a miscarraige, but didn't have a D&C as it happened naturally. I saw my OBGYN this morning and she told me that it's the first period after the m/c that is usually the one off timing wise, but that after that you're usually back to normal. She did say, however, that any pregnancy whether it goes to term or not CAN change your cycles some - they may get longer or shorter. But, if you're late, I'd have it checked out, because it is possible to get pregnant even after the first post m/c period.
i got my first period after dnc but i am bleeding irregualrly. i sarted monday night. i wasnt bleeding a lot and no cramps. i stopped bleeding tuesday night but today(thursday) i started bleeding again but i am bleeding alot. i've already changed 2 pads in bout 5-8 hours. i am not cramping or anything and i dont feel dizzy or faint. i mean i feel fine. i just wanted to know how many days the bleeding is suppose to last.

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