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I'm about 6 1/2 weeks - not long, I admit. I do have one healthy daughter who just turned two and this is my third miscarriage. I find that having a child already doesn't lessen the pain of losing one that could have been. This is the first time I've been told to wait. The doctor checked my hcg and it stopped doubling. In fact, it stopped increasing at all. My other two miscarriages were spontaneous. With this one, I was told to stop all medications pertaining to the pregnancy, particulary the Progesterone in oil injections I've been giving myself everyday. Now I just wait. I was wondering what others did to help themselves through this point? I'm afraid of the pain too. My first miscarriage was at 14 weeks - the second was very early on, so it wasn't so bad. But the first......well, that one was incredibly painful. I'm surprised at how devastated I feel and am worried about how I'll handle things once my body does quicken. Any suggestions?

I am SO sorry that you have to go through this. It's awful, I know. I was 7 weeks - and found out a couple of weeks ago during the ultrasound that there was no heartbeat, and the yolk sac had disappeared. My hcg was not doubling anymore either, and I was told that I would likely micarry naturally. I was later told I'd need a D&C, but they couldn't schedule it for a while, and I ended up miscarrying naturally beginning last Saturday. Overall, the cramping/bleeding was really tough for only one day, although I've had a little mild cramping since. The one thing I would recommend would be to see if you could either have something a little stronger than advil available or if at least someone is available at your doctor's office who could call in a prescription for you if you need it. Aside from a few hours, I was fine with advil. Emotionally, I know it's tough, I am so sorry!
So sorry to hear about that. You were similar to mine about a month ago. The HCG levels didn't go up, but it happened over a weekend. The doc told me to continue the progesterone until he did one more beta. But, my body took over and I miscarried despite the progesterone levels in my body.
I had about a day and half of hard cramping and very heavy bleeding.
Unfortunately, and I'm sure you know, there is nothing you can do to make it better either physically or emotionally.
Let yourself cry whenever you need to - don't hold it back.
Try to keep your chin up~
The best advice that was given to me was it is something that is out of your control and even though it doesn't make sense or doesn't seem fair, there was probably a reason why things worked out the way they did...
Hi there, new here...I have a missed abortion, too. I went for my 7th week appt last week and the baby stop growing, they told me to stop progesterone and wait for a week for nature to happen if not D&C. I just went yesterday and they did an ultrasound shows same thing. My RE told me to give it until this wkend but they scheduled me for D&C this coming Tuesday. I don't know what to expect...I have been reading a lot of post here and it seems most women had D&C right away. Well, I have waited for more than a week and I just can't wait for Tuesday to get this done so that I can start healing before the holidays. I'm so sorry for your's so hard. I just try to focus on all the good things in my life.
So sorry to hear about your situation. I was pregnant for the first time and found out at 10 weeks the baby had stopped growing. My doctor seemed to think i should wait it out naturally. IT TOOK 5 WEEKS for it to finally happen to the day. The waiting was terrible, I kept thinking maybe they were wrong?????? I think I always would have second guessed myself if I were to have had a D & C, but if it happens again, I do not think I can wait another 5 weeks. It has been 7 weeks since it happened and my body is still not back to normal.

The waiting is terrible, however the miscarriage was VERY mild. Only a small bit of cramps. I drank a lot of rasberry tea to help my uterus heal. Again I wish you the best and hope this helps a little. I agree with the previous response about having some pain meds available. I did not need them but my doctor prescribed some just in case and it was nice to know they were there.
Thanks to all who have replied. Knowing that others have had similar experiences is a greater comfort than I could have imagined. I'm still waiting. And I was just going to post another question when I read yours. I AM beginning to thing they're wrong. I wonder if this is normal? I don't think it's natural to know about something like this and have to wait it out. I keep thinking that maybe I'm one of those women with normal pregnancies who grow babies slowly.....that's just one of the many crazy thoughts. I still hope that when I go in for my next beta test, it will have suddenly risen and the doctors will have to admit they're wrong. Seriously, I think I'm going crazy.
I started bleeding at 5 1/2 weeks. It wasn't anything what I read about with miscarriages. It was lighter than a period, no cramping, and no passing tissue. It stopped after two days and went to spotting for two days. I had my hcg tested the day the bleeding stopped and it was a 2, which is not pregnant. I found this very odd. With miscarriages, there is a lot of blood pain and clots/tissue. With a blighted ovum there is usualling a growing hcg and no bleeding. With an inevitable miscarriage, the cervix is open. My cervix was closed and the bleeding stopped. I go in tomorrow to discuss my options with the doctor. I am pretty sure nature took its course and I miscarried.

I know how you feel. In reality, I know that the pregnancy is over because there is not logical explanation that it is vialble. On the other hand, I clinging to hope that the hcg was wrong. However, that isn't very plausible.

I hope you get a happy result.

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