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hello everyone. i am sorry for all of u all's losses. i can understand how u guys must be feeling.well i miscarried in october. i decided to go with d&c as well. i will not say it wont be painless, i just had lil pain after i came to after the procedure, and threw up a lil bit cause of anesthesia. personally i think i took the better way, cause everywhere i read it said miscarriying naturally can be painful, so i chose d&c instead, but my doctor did say the choice was mine.

i wanted to know if anyone has already have had their first period after miscarriage. i wanted to know how much u bleed and how many days it lasts. i got mine on monday night, i didnt bleed a lot, and no cramps, but i knew it was my period. but i stopped tuesday night, and then today(thursday15th nov) i started again no cramping but i was bleeding alot. i dont feel dizzy or like i dont have energy. i feel fine but its a lot of bleeding, i've been through 2 + pads already.

just wanted to get some insight from anyone who has gone through this. plz help.....

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