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Blue eyed girlÖ I am so so sorry. I miscarried at 9 weeks back in September. I am just now starting to come around and get back on the TTC board. I know when I started getting back on a couple weeks ago, you were leaving to move on to the pregnancy board. I am really just so sorry. Just one of those things so Iíve come to realize.

Well, Iím not sure exactly how far along you are but you have the option to miscarry naturally or have a d&c. Itís really a personal decision for what you feel is best for you. Your doctor wonít and shouldnít make you do one or the other. Personally, I chose to have a d&c. I just wanted to get it over with and begin to heal and move on rather than waiting. Who knows how long you have to wait for it to start. I also didnít want to go through the pain of passing everything and I was really just terrified of what I would see so I had the d&c and it was painless. They tell you to wait 1 cycle before ttc again and your period generally is SUPPOSE to come 4-6 weeks after the procedure but everyone heals differently. With your hcg levels already being a 2, it seems to be that you would have a quick recovery. It took 6 weeks for my hcg levels to FINALLY go back down. I donít have any personal feedback on miscarrying naturally. But many women choose to do that for emotional reasons and Iíve heard that recovery is easier. Itís really just up to you.

Again, Iím so sorry that this has happened. I know it doesnít make you feel better to hear that but know that others have gone through the same thing and you can always find support here. The hardest part for me was going back and telling everyone that we miscarried. DH opened his big mouth the day after we found out we were pregnantÖughÖbut I know he was excited and I was excited too. Keep us posted and goodluck to you! :angel:

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