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Hi Lisa. Sorry about your loss. I m/c at 9 weeks also back in September. I had a d&c, though. I had the light bleeding/spotting for 2 MONTHS!! :eek: It took 6 weeks for my levels to FINALLY got back to 0 then I had a period and continued to lightly bleed after that. I finally went in for an ultrasound and turns out, I had some blood that was just kind of "stuck" up there so I was prescribed Provera for 10 days to hopefully induce a period and flush out that blood. The day after my last pill of Provera, I finally passed that large clot thing that was making me bleed and since then, everything looks to be back to normal except.. I still haven't had my period. Hopefully that will come next week since it will be 28 days from when I released that clot.

I'm not sure what could be causing your bleeding. Your body could still just be getting rid of the last bit of blood or worst case, a little something could have been left behind but I'm sure that's unlikely. Have you taken a pregnancy test to check your levels? Thats how I knew my levels were back down... I kept taking a test every week and the positive line kept getting lighter and ligher until finally at 6 weeks, the test was negative. I know it's frustrating but every woman's body reacts differently. If it goes on for much longer, try to insist on an u/s. That's what I had to do b/c my doc was giving me every excuse possible so finally I just made an appt. for an u/s and found out the reason for my bleeding. I'm sorry again for your loss and Good luck to you! :angel:

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