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Why Do I Keep Miscarrying
There could be any meriod of reasons. There was a few drs that told my frst wife that she miscarried because the tubes were too short to give the eggs enough time to mature after expelling. There was also the fact that my sperm might not have been as viral as it was sposed to be. How many have u lost? There might also be sumthing wrong w/ the inside of your uterous. You might want to look into a gyn doing a D-N-C just to clean things out properly. I'm only suggesting that because that's wat they did for my wife. Then agin, it might just not be ur time to get pregnant. All these things are on a clock. It will happen wen it happens. I'm not a dr so i can't give u a diffinitive answer but you deffinately need to get an ob/gyn to look at ur insides & see if there is a problem. Have u ever had chlamidia or endometreosis? Those can cause multiple miscarriages. I'm prolly the only guy u'll find on this particular board but I know a lil about this stuff. If all else fails, as "God", see wat he's got to say about it. Shane
It is such a devastaion when one m/c both for the woman and man, the physically strain on the womans body is so hard along with the mental/emotional impact. Recent research has shown that a large proportion of woman m/c due to a blood disorder called Antiphospholipid Syndrome also known as Hughes Syndrome. This syndrome is where the blood over clots and causes problems in the placenta. Clinical symptoms/features of this syndrome are: recurrent m/c, blotchy skin, headaches, seizures and more. Bllod tests can llok for the antibodies associated with this syndrome but diagnosis is usually made by looking at whole picture as the antibodies are not always present.
Treatment for this syndrome is taking asprin 75mg, sometimes the consultant might suggest you take heparin or warfarin to help thin the blood. Hope this helps a little. Takecare.
If you've had more than two, you obgyn should be looking into doing some bloodwork on both you and your partner. There are so many things that can cause miscarriages.

My doctor tested me and my husband for a multitude of things. My husband and I both had karyotypes to make sure it was not a chromosomal issue like a deletion or inversion. I was tested for thrombophilia disorders, autoimmune, genetic, hormonal and std's.

They found a blood clotting disorder and elevated androgens that they think those are what may have caused me to miscarry and both a 'fixable' problems.

Please talk to your doctor if you've had multiples m/c and tell him/her you want to be tested. If he/she won't, then find yourself a new doctor. You don't need to keep going through this.

Best of luck.

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