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I had a D&C last Friday. The whole procedure took about 20-30 minutes and I was put out for it. I didn't really have much pain until later that day.

I've been having mild to medium cramping and for the last two days have been having more severe pain in my lower pelvic area, I returned to work on Monday, and I think the pain is due to standing on my feet for 8 hours each day. The pain meds are helping, but not eliminating for me.

The next day after the procedure, my husband and I went on a 5 hour shopping excursion with pretty much no pain, just a lot more bleeding. I am still having more bleeding than just spotting, but it's slowing down. I was told to expect spotting for up to 2 weeks. The physical pain is easier to handle than the emotional. I've been visiting some Miscarriage boards that are helping with the emotional. It's easier to talk to people that have been through it.
Thanks so much ladies... you have put my mind at ease. I am nervous but I feel like after everything I have been through the last three weeks this part shouldn't be so bad as at least I know that this is the end of it. You know when I was first told I lost my baby my first reaction was that I wanted to get pregnant again asap, after all of this I know I need some time in order to heal not only physically but emotionally. This board has helped me so much. I appreciate you all more than you know. Happy Holidays!


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