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it can take a while for your body to realize that the fetus is not viable. During that time your sac can still get a little larger. Once your body realizes that the hcg levels are dropping and it isn't a viable pregnancy it will start the miscarriage process - with some women the body is slow to realize it and you will have to have a d&c. Some signs that I had the week before were spotting, headache, dizzy spells and a general feeling of being unwell. Check your temperatures as they will start to decline also. When it does happen full swing you may get tons of bleeding, clots, and severe cramping or back labour. There should have been a heartbeat at your ultrasound but there is always a possibility that you aren't as far along as u think and maybe it just hasn't shown up yet. But, dropping hcg levels are not a good sign as they should be rising.
I wish you well, take care. Please go and see your doctor again.

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