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Re: Miscarriage
Jan 9, 2008
i really dont want to crush your hopes but you can still test positive on a pregnancy test after you have miscarried, this is because it takes a while for your hcg levels to come back down to 0, i would really push for your doctor to do a blood test, this is what they had to do for me, they do one test and measure the levels then a couple of days later they do another test and measure the levels again, if they decline it is more than likely to have been a miscarriage.
you say they found some ''deposits''? did they see a baby? a heartbeat can usualy be seen by us at 10 weeks
Re: Miscarriage
Jan 10, 2008
[QUOTE=bij78;3381839]I was about 10 weeks pergnant & started to bleed very heavy on Saturday(5th Jan 08).Bleeding included huge blood cloates and cramping in my lower abdomen.I visited the hospital,where my tummy was scanned & I was told that there were still some deposits found.I'm still bleeing however, its not as heavy as it was.I done a pregnancy test today and am still testing positive.
Is it safe to keep this pregnancy,if not what must I do to terminate it.Please advice ASAP.[/QUOTE]

I would have to agree with gemmalou - my HCG level (what the Pregnancy test picks up) was still at 39 two weeks after my D&C. It would still have had a + HPT had I taken one that is more sensitive even though I had the D&C.

if you are still bleeding, you may have to go in and have a D&C done to remove any tissue that your body did not expel - call your OBGYN

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