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I called the doctor today to ask for my ultrasound and bloodwork results. The tech said my ultrasound (done at 8w 4d) showed nothing. The one before it only showed a tiny sac. My blood was at a 35 which I know is far too low and I am going in to have another another blood test to see if the numbers have gone up or down. I don't even feel like going in becuase I already know that this is the end. Its like one day I had so many pregnany symptoms and then I woke up a couple days later and they were gone. Mix that with the heavy bleeding that occured for over a week and the answer is pretty evident... there is no baby anymore. I guess my question to you all is was this a complete miscarriage since they found nothing on the ultrasound or is there still a possilibity I will have to have a D&C?

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