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HI Wen

Thank you for your kind words. I am sorry for your struggle and many dissapointing losses. Let me tell you I think heparin would have saved my first baby. It is like a miracle drug if you really need it. With my first baby, I had horrible swelling that was so bad I coulnd't use my hands to write, grasp etc, had carpal tunnel, went from a size 5.5- 9 shoe, gained 50 pounds. I think I may have had the blood clots start during the pregnancy but didn't get detected until after. With my second pregnancy, I began the heparin the week I found out I was preg. I had ZERO swelling, not even at the very end.

I have heard heparin does amazing things for miscarriages too. My hematologist said there are many blood clotting disorders that don't even have tests developed yet. Any kind of blood clotting problems can cause complication and death in a fetus. And ironically pregnant women's blood clots more in prep for childbirth. IT has to do with hormones.

Good luck with the heparin, I hope it is the miracle you have been waiting for!

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