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Thank you so much everyone. . .

Yes I think I remember you LesleyKev, so glad to hear about little Nathan and offer my deepest sympathies over the loss of Megan and Callum. I cannot believe you had to go through that again. One of the reasons I got my tubes tied after Owen was born was becuase of my fear of having to ever go through another loss and the toll 2 very difficult pregnancies had taken on me. It was a hard decision but in general I am glad to have done it. I know my limits and know I could never go through that again.

ABK1 and Amy I am sorry for your losses as well and thank you for the support. It means a lot to me from everyone who read my post as I feel it helped to keep Patrick's memory alive 3 years later, as sometimes I feel him slipping into the background as our live son takes center stage.

Also I am left with the question as to how to tell Owen about his brother? I feel very uncomfortable with this idea, though he has already pointed to Patricks shelf with ashes, stuffed animals and memorables saying "That?" I tell him Yes thats Patricks things! But as his language and understanding increase I wonder how other people have handled this situation?

WE still hope to sprinkle the ashes somewhere someday but don't know what to do about that eaither

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