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I know that the only real way to know what is going on with me right now is to go to the doctor. I am just hoping to get a bit of insight before I decide if its worth it to go to the emergency room or not. I don't have any health insurance at this time. I have been very bothered by this since I found out I was pregnant. I began looking into purchasing health insurance, but since I am already pregnant insurance companies are calling it a previous condition and are not going to approve me for insurance. I know that if I go to the ER the bill will be outragous and I cannot afford to pay it at this time. This is why I really don't want to go if I can avoid going. I surely do not want to have an outstanding bill and I just feel horrible about not being able to pay for treatment. This is why I am hoping that I can get some insight so that I can get a better idea of if my symptoms are serious enough to actually just go ahead and go to the ER. I would like to thank each of you for your help and advice in advance. Please know that it is greatly appreciated!

Below I will describe what has been happening since I found out I was pregnant:

December 1 - Time to have my period. I thought I was starting my period because I began to lightly bleed. The bleeding was very light as it normally is the first day of my period, but instead of getting heavier it stopped that same day. I wasn't sure what to think about this so I waited to see if I would start in a few days.

December 10th - Very worried because my period did not come back and I am starting to feel the symptoms of pregnancy. Symptoms include;nausea, vomitting many times each day, breast are extremely sore, stomache ache, bloated feeling, gassy type feeling, horrible taste in my mouth - only way I can describe it is to say it taste like I swollowed a bag of pennies. I cannot keep down any food or water and I began feeling very tired. No energy to do anything at all.

January 1 - Would have started period if wasn't PG. Still feeling all symptoms of PG. Symptoms are pretty severe. Almost stay in bed all day because I feel a little better for a few hours after I wake up. I am feeling nauseas mainly all day long, but if I feel horrible in the morning I will feel a little better at night and vice versa. Stomache begins hurting worse around this time and I began having cramps periodically. Sometimes the cramping/pelvic pain is very painful. All of a sudden I will get a shooting pain in my lower stomache or in m side and sometimes the pain will wrap around to my back. This pain comes out of nowhere and feels like a volt of electricity. Sometimes the pain feels like stabbing pains- like someone has taken a knife and stabbed me directly into/through my vagina ( sorry for the graphic details, but the exact way it feels). These pains are never constant. Its like I will get a pain in the left side of my stomache and then maybe 3-5 min later I will get another in the other side, but then I may or may not get another one for some time. I also noticed that I was constipated previously and now I began experiencing some diarhea. This is very odd for me during PG.
I also began to notice when I would go to the bathroom I would find pink on the tissue after wiping. This did not seem to be blood, but I am not quite sure what it is. I began thinking it was implantation bleeding. This continued for a few days.

January 4th - Friday morning woke up feeling badly. I had pretty bad cramps and it felt almost as if I was going to start my period or had some type of stomach flu. I was getting ready to take my son to school when all of a sudden I got extremely ill and began to projectile vomit ( like in the movie the exorcist)!! It came on very suddenly and I almost could not make it to the bathroom. About 30 min. to an hour I began feeling better, but still nauseaus.

January 6th - Sun morning when I woke up and went to the bathroom I noticed that I was bleeding. I was not bleeding heavily it was like a very light period, but it was blood and not any type of discharge or other fluid. I was also still having the same types of cramping as described above. The electric type shocking shooting pains, but not consistantly. Morning sickness continued and breast remain sore. Although, I still felt PG and was experiencing morning sickness it wasn't quite as bad as previous days.

January 7th - Continued to lightly bleed, but otherwise I did feel a little better in regards to the morning sickness. Still a bit nauseas, but not as bad.

January 8th - Bleeding began getting more significant, but still not like a normal period. Morning sickness abruptly stopped. I felt really well the whole day. Breast not nearly as sore as before. Still cramping at times throughout the day.

January 9th - Bleeding same as the 8th. Still NO morning sickness at all and breast less sore than even the day before.

January 10th - Same as on the ninth, feeling much better.

January 11th - Bleeding same or a bit heavier than before. Before I had to actually wipe to see any blood most times, but now I am bleeding onto a pad regularly , but still not as heavy as a period. I have ZERO morning sickness which is very strange and my breast almost are not sore at all. I don't feel tire like I did before and I just really do not feel PG at all. I am still experiencing the cramping periodically throughout the day. Took another PG test and it still says I am pregnant.

Please if anyone was able to make it through this long post.. let me know if this is something I should be worried about at all. Does this sound like implantation bleeding? If I already had some implantation bleeding back in Dec would it be possible to still have some today. Is it too late to have implantation bleeding? Also, I am a person who suffers greatly from morning sickness and I am able to tell if I am pregnant right away due to the symptoms. Should I be worried that I don't feel PG anymore? Also, if I am miscarrying why am I not bleeding heavily and cramping severly?

Any helps and advice is greatly appreciated. I am just very confused right now and if this could be normal I don't want to waste the doctors time at the ER. Thanks again!
In April of 07 i had a miscarriage first i had the cramping like a normal period so i had a little light bleeding on the tissue when i would wipe. But my breast were so sore ome day it woke me out of my sleep and i took a pregnancy test the next day and yeah it said i was pregnant the next day still some light bleeding but not like a normal period. About three days later a friend of mine who was pregnant at the time said that i should go to the emergency room so i did. the bleeding was a little heavier once i had been in the cold waiting room for an hour. and when i get cold the cramps get worse so i was in tremedous pain. More than a usual period, after about 2 more hours i went to the bathroom and i felt my baby pass through. i knew i had a misscarriage. I know the feeling of "not feeling pregnant anymore" i had bleeding like a normal period for a few more hours after being assigned a room the next morning i had an ultrasound and they told me i wasnt pregnant anymore. I was released, and during this whole time i was never bleeding heavy, i had some clot pass through but nothing really big nothing over the size of a quarter. This had me worried because i thought that once u have a miscarriage you are supposed to bleed very heavy. i did not have insurance and i got a 2300 dollar medical bill. the sad thing was i had started a job and my insurance didnt go into effect until 3 days later. this really made me sick. So i know the feeling of being denied by the ins. companies.

Today i am 5 weeks pregnant and just today when i wiped i seen light red spotting. I almost cried i dont want another miscarriage. and im scared to go to the er because it gives me flashbacks about what happen last time. i have had some cramping but nothing like last time. i feel the sharp pains from time to time also. it makes me scared. Im going to the ER. tomorrow and even if i didnt have ins i would still go. there's no such thing as wasting a dr's time in this case. I would advise you like i would advise myself and anyone close to me,go to the ER and be sure that you are ok. put it like this if u wait it could cause more problems. I wish you the best of luck and hope that everything goes good for you.:angel:

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