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Hi everyone,

I wrote a post the other day with symptoms I've been having. I was REALLY scared that I was beginning to have a miscarriage, but today things have changed. I can't get in to see my doctor until Thursday, so I'm really desperate for any ideas. Here's what happened:
I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I began treating a yeast infection Thursday night, and then on Friday morning I noticed some spotting. I have been having very light cramps for about 3 weeks now (since my period was due). The combination of the bleeding and the cramps were really scaring me, but as of today the cramping is completely gone (as a matter of fact, this is probably the first day I have had no cramps since before I found out I was pregnant). But I am still bleeding. The bleeding hasn't increased since Saturday, when it slightly picked up (from Friday), and it's still quite light but more than spotting, I'd say. So I've been researching this online all day and have read a few websites saying that if you have an infection (such as a yeast infection), your cervix is much more likely to be irritable. So what I'm thinking now is maybe the bleeding I've been having is due to irritation from the treatments I've been using. I am still a little concerned though because until today I have had cramping (although very light), and I have also noticed a few tiny pieces of tissue when wiping over the past few days. Does anybody have any ideas what could be going on here while I wait to see a doctor? I have decided that I will quit using the treatment for my yeast infection (even though I have 2 days left), to see if the bleeding lets up. I realize that the yeast infection may not be gone, but at this point it's well worth having to treat another infection later on, after seeing a doctor than worrying myself sick over this bleeding.

Whiskers :confused:

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