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i am trying to get pregnant, i had some dark blood spotting and then it go really red with some blood clots, nothing big though, i had no cramping and the blood came just a few days early for my normal period. i really hope it is not a miscarriage, is it possible to miscarry without having any cramping or is it possible i am pregnant but had a normal period? so confused
Normally with a miscarriage you would have some cramping and heavy bleeding with lots of clotting. If you were far enough along you would've noticed the fetus most likely, but if you haven't yet missed a period then I wouldn't worry about it being a miscarriage. Although there is a certain percentage of women who miscarry BEFORE they even miss their periods, but it seems enough like a regular period, so you wouldn't know the difference. If the bleeding is concerning you or lasts an abnormally long time I would see your doctor. I would think it's most likely your period though, just a few days early.

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