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what does miscarriage tissue look like? i am going through a misscarrige, a belived to have passed everything. However, i am unsure of what exactly the tissue should look like. i have only bleed for about 12 hours and then passes a small mass of tissue. Does this mean i passed everything?
Hi there,

I am so sorry for your loss.... When having a miscarriage, you will most definitely bleed for more than 12 hours, so even if you think you have passed the fetus (which would probably look like a small lump of white-ish tissue--and the size depends on how far along in pregnancy you were), I would still definitely see a doctor ASAP. They may want to do blood tests, or ultrasounds (or possibly both) to see if everything has been expelled from your uterus. If it hasn't and there is anything left inside, it could lead to infection which could in turn lead to fertility issues later on. Also, depending on how far along you were you may have to have a procedure called a D & C, which is when they dilate your cervix, and scrape the walls of the uterus to get everything out. After the fetus has passed though, you will probably continue to bleed for up to 10 days or so. I hope this helps... Again I am so sorry for what happened to you--but please do be sure to see a doctor as soon as possible.

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i have seen the dr many times. Recenly i had an untrasound on Monday and i have not yet miscarried. i have decied to do a D & C tommorow morning. i never wanted to do this, but after waiting over 7 weeks to miscarry natrually, i can'd take it anymore. Dr says my cervix is now open but there is not possible way of knowing when i will miscarry.

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