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I have had 3 pregnancy losses, one at 22.5 weeks, the next 2 were at 10 weeks. My last loss required 2 D&C's to finally clear everything. The last D&C was Dec 17th. My periods are very regular, so after more then 5 weeks the doctor did an ultrasound for me to see if there were any more issues from the last D&C. There was a follicle that measured 17, I think that means 1.7. The doctor said I would ovulate soon and then start my period a couple weeks after. She said to go ahead if we wanted to TTC. It really felt like my period was going to start though so I was confused by the u/s. Sure enough the next morning my period started and at the same time I was in sooooo much pain so I thought maybe I was ovulating at the same time. Has anyone ever heard of this? My doctor is convinced that this is not a period and that I just ovulated. It sure seems like a period, lasting over 3 days heavy and now a few days much lighter almost ending. I'm really confused. I am still cramping and have some pain in my ovaries and uterus. It seems like there is nothing they can do for me now. I have to just deal with the pain. Am I dealing with a cyst? A follicle that burst? Could I have ovulated and the cramping is that I'm pregnant? It is a very confusing time for me and I wish someone could tell me what is going on. It has been 4 months since we lost the last pregnancy and I just want to move on. Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks
Running out of time, will be 40 this year :(

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