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hi honey, i no what you feel like i am 19 yrs of age i have had to miscarriges one on jan 18th 2007 only 4 days after i found out and my next miscarriage was in august i was 6 weeks on my first and 9 weeks on my second i had my first scan at 8 weeks cause thats wen i found out and there was no heart beat they told me it was a non viable pregnancy as the baby growth was only 4 weeks growth and there was no heart beat at all i booked in for a scan the following week to see if there was a possibility a heart beat maybe found but i started bleeding and clotting ver heavy with in the week and there i had a scan which confirmed it had all gone naturally i was in so much pain and got no support from my partner i still think about it everyday as i would still be expecting now and have a big bump and be loking forward to it i cant understand why i have had 2 ive had test and the ocs say everythin is fine! i found out yesterday my friend is 8 weeks pregnant and im gutted felt so jealous and i shouldnt feel like that! im still with my partner and i no im so young but all i want is a baby but after doing this all on my own i wouldnt want to be in that situation again! untill m partner is ready! u can talk to me cos i need someone to talk to aswell!! x:)

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