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hi there
i had 2 miscarriages last year one at 6 weeks and the other at 9 weeks no body noes except my boyfriend a they were his children but i have had no support from him and feel like i cant talk to anyone thats why its nice we have these sites! jus wanted a chat really! am stll thinkin everyday about my miscarriages as i would have a baby now or have a big bump i cant understand why it happened twice seein my baby on the scan and have no heart beat! i feel like i have done sometinhg wrong! me and my boyfriend still argue about it! and i feel like its my fault i am esperate and cant wait to have a baby i foun out yesterday my friend is 8 weeks pregnant and i feel totally jealous cos thats what i was at my first scan! i hope someone takes time out to read and just make me feel abit happier as i feel totallt dowm all the time and i cant talk to anyone!!:(
im so sorry to hear your loss as you were so far gone!? what was the doctors advise? i would hate to see a council about my feelings as i would feel stupid! thankyou for such a kind reply! i no i was only 9 weeks but just seein my baby on the 1st scan was horrible! i remeber the doctors faces and them sayin were really sorry there no heart beat we think it must be a non viable pregnancy my baby was so tiny but all i think about is that it was a baby growning inside me and what did i do so ba to have lost it! when i see pregnant people i feel so jealous! im am so longing for a baby it hurts! i have 2 nieces and love them dearly when i see them i jus wish i was a mother! im sorry to go on i jus really havent got over the 2 miscarriages and im here for u if you need anyone! im so sorry you lost your son! maybe one day hopefully we will get our wish sometimes i say to myself maybe it jus wasnt ment to be and it was natures way of telling me! but then i keep thinking why!? i hope you get the chance to reply and i wish you all the best with your future plans of pregnancy xx

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