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I know how you feel I too have had a miscarriage and it was the single most hardest things I've ever been through! I had 2 abortion before that (for the wrong reasons; my boyfriend wasn't ready and I was afraid of losing him) and now I cannot stop thinking that the reason I miscarried is because of the abortions even though the doctors say its not. I also did one of the stupidest things I could've done after I passed the baby I saw it in the toilet so I picked it out and cut open the sack and just stared at it crying picturing what it would have looked like if I had gone full term and delivered (piece of advice DONT EVER DO THIS I still picture this image almost daily) Now I am trying to get pregnant and I am so scared that the same thing is going to happen (all the others were un-planned) I just had my IUD removed today and all I can think about is what am I going to do if I can never have children because I was stupid enough to abort my baby for someone else's sake.. It is a very hard thing to deal with but I cope by picturing my little angles up with God smiling at me and telling me it will be ok and we will see you soon Mom!:angel::angel::angel:

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