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I'm glad to hear that your wife is having normal pregnancy symptoms--that's a hopeful sign! Like I said before, spotting is unfortunately quite common in early pregnancy so try not to worry too much about it... If the blood increases, or turns bright red that may be cause for concern. And it's also nice to know that she's only had one day of cramping--that too happens sometimes in early pregnancy.
Like the doctor said however, unfortunately it's true that there's not much they can do--if it is a miscarriage, it will happen, and if it's not then you'll know when she gets an ultrasound, and you see the baby's heartbeat. You'd think the doctor would be a little more helpful in relieving your fears however, by sending her for blood work or an ultrasound... That's too bad. I know what you mean about just wanting to know--the not knowing is really, really hard.
About infection--if she had one, she would most likely get quite sick. She'd probably develop a fever along with chills and other flu-like symptoms. I've only heard of infection developing however, after the fetus has passed. I'm not saying it CAN'T happen with the fetus still inside, but I don't think it's very common so I really wouldn't worry about that right now. Especially if the doctor doesn't seem overly concerned, try not to be as well. My recommendation would be to just get her to an emergency room if she starts bleeding very heavily (about the amount of a period), and passes clots, or has severe cramping. Otherwise try not to worry--I know it's hard, but think positive thoughts--I'm praying for you that all will be fine.

Whiskers :angel:

P.S. You are right to feel slightly relieved that she's passed the 8 week mark--the risk of miscarriage decreases significantly as of 8 weeks, and then again at 12 weeks, so that's good to hear!

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