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Sorry to know that you had a miscarriage. Before getting pregnant whole of our efforts were to get a pregnancy. Never knew that the things would be so difficult even afterwards too. I had this gut feeling that it won't be easy for us. It seems to be designed that way.

This is week No. 8. Day 1. No idea when this is going to stop. But, other syptoms are fine. The cramping was only for one day without any increment in bleeding. Its about 5 to 6 drops a day. I don't know how dangerous it is. Importantly its not coming out its just staying in and comes out at the time of urination. The doctor has said that he can't do much about it. Nor he knows much about it. By the way, what is he there for then. She is on Duphaston now. I believe its a hormone. Else ways, she has increased appetite now with dizziness. All the signs of a pregnancy. But, may be a sign of miscarriage. These doctors know nothing trust me.

This is bleeding day no. 5 now.

Entering into week no. 8 from 7 seems a big success. Some people want to hang on till the end. I am a character who would say. Well, ok, get fine or get lost. I hope one of the two happens soon.

I have a question. What are the chances that there is an infection in the uterus. How is it detected.

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