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Hi everyone,

I had a miscarriage almost 3 weeks ago. After that I continued to bleed for about a week, and had slight cramping during that time as well. Since then everything has been normal, I've been having blood tests once a week to make sure my hcg levels are going back down to normal. My last test (on Tuesday), my hcg was 23. My doctor said he's confident that everything is going fine. However, yesterday I began having VERY slight cramps again, and it has continued to today. The cramps are still quite light, although worse than yesterday. I had 2 ultrasounds after the miscarriage and the doctor said that it looked as if everything was gone from my uterus, so there was no need for a d&c.
Has anybody else experienced this? The cramps are still very mild, and I am not having any bleeding (although I have been having quite a lot of discharge--sorry if tmi!) so I'm not overly concerned. But I do want to be cautious. I don't believe I can get my period until my hcg levels are below 5, so I'm not sure if that's what's causing it--anybody have any ideas?

Whiskers :confused:

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