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Hi there...I lost my twins at 18 weeks due to premature separation of the placenta from Baby A. My pregnancy was so healthy until I was 16 weeks. First I started to bleed a little bit and a fever of 104. I guess that was already a sign of infection. Again with placenta abruption they told me bedrest until I give birth but with mine it separated too early so they have to terminate my pregnancy. I delivered both of my twin girls and I get to see them and you can hold them (if you want) but I was crying so hard and seeing them both so healthy and normal just too young to survive outside....I just can't believe this was happening to me was so hard...I just can't hold them if I can't bring them home.

Less than 20 weeks they considered it a miscarriage...after that it is stillbirth. The hospital gave me a keepsake box.

Goodluck to's hard just take it easy and focus that you're going to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.
My friend lost her daughter right after she found out it was a girl, so I'm guessing 18-20 weeks? Anyway, the hospital made hand and foot prints and impressions, then they cremated her baby. They gave her the hand, feet prints and impressions, and gave her the babies ashes in a heart locket.

I have heard of women having a funeral and services for babies lost that early, so if thats what you want I'm sure someone out there would be willing to make you wishes a reality.

Praying for your baby to be sticky and make it through this!
I'm so sorry you had to endure so many loses. I too lost a baby at 19 wks and just finding out it's considered a "miscarriage" because the baby was under 20 wks gestation. I completely disagree. I feel I gave birth to a baby. I went through epideral for the pain, pushing, removal of the after birth... I was also given the option of a keepsakes box with the babies foot and hand prints and given the option of a burial. My husband and I declined it all and couldn't bear to see the baby after he/she was born. We don't want to have any more memories of that horrific day. I have pictures of my sonograms and that's all I will keep as a memory of my baby. I don't think my husband and I can go through this again...

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