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Yes, we have 2 other children, which are a blessing. Our son is 10 and our daughter is 6. Our 6 year old was only 2 months old when I got pregnant with our son(Aidan)that we lost. He would have been due on our daughter's birthday, so he would be turning 6 when she would be turning 7.
The way I was treated in the ER and in recovery(had D&C) was awful. They kept the baby, still attached to cord, at my feet for 2 hours while I waited in the ER for a doctor. Then, before they did the D&C, they put me in the same room I gave birth to my daughter in. After the D&C, they had a few nurses come in and a preacher to convince me to hold him. They said I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't. I believe to this day that I made the right decision. My husband held him, but I couldn't bring myself to do that. To make matters worse, they took pictures of him in "newborn" clothes, like it was no big deal. To this day, I can't get past how they treated the whole situation.
My kids know about their little brother and ask questions about him. I just tell them that he went to be with God and they will see him again someday.

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