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I'm soooo sorry for you. Do you have any other children?

I had something very unfortunate happen with my son at 20 weeks... he was born and died an hour later. We think we got answers as to what happened, but it still isn't enough and I still don't believe the story. This was fifteen years ago... his birthday should have been this Friday. You don't ever really forget the babies you've lost... I'm convinced of that, as we've lost nine altogether. The good news is that we have one very wonderful young man for a son... nineteen years old.

After all the losses, I decided to try and make the rest of my life as positive as I could and then maybe all the misery would have served a purpose. I've spent the last several years working with the elderly thinking that if I couldn't be more "successful" in the beginning of life I'd work with situations that involved the end of life.

Again, I'm so sorry for you.

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